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Facebook launches largest creator education and enablement program in India

Team Prosple

During Instagram and Facebook's 2021 edition of "Creator Day India," the company unveiled www.bornoninstagram.com, India's biggest creator education and enablement initiative, which includes an e-learning course geared at inspiring, teaching, and enabling artists on the network.

Platforms are increasing their emphasis on helping content producers accomplish more, monetize better, and increase user engagement by focusing on content creators that generate more users, viewers, and commerce across various platforms.

The event also included artists who collaborated with Facebook to create their own augmented reality effects, as well as individuals who have successfully monetized their work and had lessons to teach.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, gave a keynote speech on the success of Reels in India, the significance of India, and the work that is being done to enable artists to make a livelihood on the platform.

“Creators all across India are influencing popular culture, and we're pleased that our platforms enable them to express themselves and make a livelihood. The foundations of a creative economy are being put in place. And we're excited to work with artists to help them learn, earn, and build their communities on our platforms,” said Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director of Facebook India.

In an effort to make access to creative resources more scalable and democratised, Instagram introduced the second phase of Born-on-Instagram. The "Born on Instagram" initiative was introduced in 2019 and is already having a significant effect in India, with artists from all across the country being given the opportunity to study via a self-paced e-learning course. They will also get a course completion certificate at the conclusion of the course.

Live masterclasses with experts, the most up-to-date information on trends, product upgrades, and challenges will all be part of the programme to stay up with what's going on on Instagram. It will also provide artists with the opportunity to earn money via a variety of incentives and commercial collaborations.

Instagram also detailed the different monetisation options available to help artists meet their varied requirements and goals. The number of monetising Facebook creators and video publishers in India has increased by over 35% year over year, while in-stream income generated by monetising creators and video publishers has increased by over 160% year over year.

Paid online events, which were established during the Covid-19 pandemic to assist content producers to make money from events such as concerts, culinary courses, and virtual tours, among other things, were also emphasised by the business.

The company's mobile AR platform, Spark AR, also launched a one-of-a-kind trial. AR filters are becoming increasingly popular among Instagram users, and the option to create new ones will certainly spark their curiosity.