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IIT Madras launches diploma courses in programming and data science

Diplomas in Programming and Data Science are available from IIT Madras for college students, working professionals, and job seekers interested in pursuing careers in these fields.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras is launching two programming and data science diploma programs. The courses would be delivered via a comprehensive learning delivery model which is expected to compete with any traditional classroom setting. Lecture videos, lecture-based activity questions, practise assignments, graded assignments, and mini-projects are all included in the courses to help students improve their problem-solving skills.

For each subject, there will be live sessions with course instructors where learners' questions will be answered. In-person quizzes and end-of-term exams would be used to assess the students, ensuring that it meets the same academic rigour as an on-campus program.

Learners do not need to have a background in engineering or computer science. Students, working professionals, and job seekers who have completed at least two years of undergraduate education in any discipline via any mode are eligible for the diplomas.

The diploma entry qualifier exam is now accepting applications. The deadline for applications is November 15, 2021. Those interested should go to diploma.iitm.ac.in to apply. On December 12, 2021, the diploma entry qualifier exam will be held. Those who pass this exam will be qualified to enrol in the diploma program.

To earn a diploma in programming or data science, a student must complete eight courses. In as soon as eight months, you can complete a diploma. Because the content will be delivered online, the program will provide the flexibility that working professionals and students require. In addition, based on the socioeconomic background of the students, IIT Madras is offering course fee waivers of up to 75%.

“The convenience of online learning combined with in-person assessments makes theses programs flexible while maintaining academic rigour,” said Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director of IIT Madras.

About IIT Madras:
IIT Madras is an Institute of Eminence. NIRF has ranked it as No. 1 in the 'Overall' Category for three years in a row and No. 1 in the 'Engineering Institutions' Category for six years in a row.