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  • Management Consulting
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What it does: Accenture India delivers global professional services such as consulting, IT, operations, strategy, and technology services to more than 40 industries.

Best known for Accenture India represents the biggest market for its parent company, Accenture plc, in terms of employee headcount.

Staff stats: approximately 170,00 employees in India

Financials: US$44.3 billion in revenues for fiscal 2020 from its global operations in 50 countries

The good bits: Freshers will enjoy a healthy work-life balance with different options. These include flexible schedules, telecommuting options, or extended weekends. Women also account for 30% of the company’s leadership.

The not-so-good bits: Career growth can plateau at a certain point, especially because of fierce competition owing to Accenture India’s huge workforce.

The Accenture India story

Accenture India’s services span consulting digital, strategy, operations, and technology solutions. Technology takes the spotlight as the company adopts a wider approach to different initiatives, including the Accenture Ventures Challenge 2020 and Technology Vision 2020.

The organization believes that technology will play a crucial role in ‘shaping the future of post-digital India’. These efforts reflect the broader business plan of Accenture, which focuses on change-driven solutions with a ‘360° value’.

The culture

While its headquarters is in Bangalore, Accenture India has created a flexible working environment. The company invests in a workplace culture that offers:

  • flexible schedules (job-sharing opportunities, part-time and flex-time work schedules)

  • telecommute (work from a non-designated office or project site); and

  • client-site flexibility (eg fly-back flights, compressed workweeks, extended weekends).

By 2025, the company aims to have a 50/50 workforce comprising men and women. Accenture India claims that women represent 30% of company leaders. Equal opportunities for the LGBT community and disabled people are evident based on several awards:

  • Disability Confidence Award by Community Business

  • India Workplace Equality Index (IWEI) Gold Employer

  • Working Mother & Avtar Most Inclusive Companies Index

The competition

Accenture India’s biggest competitors include Deloitte, EY, IBM, KPMG, McKinsey & Company, and PwC.


The company had planned to lay off 25,000 employees in 2020 because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The supposed layoffs targeted people who are deemed at the bottom 5% of the workforce based on their performance.

Social contributions

Accenture India helps disadvantaged sectors by using digital programs to improve employability and entrepreneurship. These programs include the Labs Tech4Good and Skills to Succeed initiative, which has given employment or business opportunities to more than 690,000 people.

The vibe of the place

Freshers can take pride in having Accenture India as their first step towards building a stable career. Career progression, however, might be uncertain for most employees partly because of noticeable competition.

In other words, freshers could wait for several years to achieve their desired role at Accenture India. Despite the long wait, the company is a good place for those who thrive in finding unique solutions to common business problems

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process

The timeline for the entire process varies per candidate, although it could take up to 28 days. Accenture India predominantly follows a three-step procedure for hiring freshers with multiple stages in between these three steps:

  1. Online application

  2. Interview

  3. Feedback or job offer

The interview process can be tedious to determine if a person is a good fit for the job, especially for technology roles. An online assessment may be required to test their decision-making abilities, skills, and strengths.

Freshers should expect virtual interviews at Accenture India, primarily because of the global health crisis in 2020. On the other hand, off-campus recruitment for certain roles such as associate software engineers and software engineers regularly happens every year.

There are usually four stages for off-campus recruitment:

  1. Cognitive and technical assessments for 90 minutes (approximately 90 questions)

  2. Coding exercises for 45 minutes (2 questions about C, C++, Java, Python, or DOT Net)

  3. Communication test for 20 minutes (eg fluency, vocabulary)

  4. Panel interview for 30 minutes

Freshers must remember that all details for open roles are posted on Accenture India’s website. Avoid third parties that ask for money in exchange for a job at the company

Remuneration & Career Growth

Career prospects

Aside from technology careers, freshers can choose from six other sectors to establish their career paths at Accenture India:


Entry-level employees become familiar with solving business problems of Accenture India’s clients. Most of these clients belong to the Fortune Global 500 list where they operate across 40 industries in 120 countries.

Freshers can pursue a management consulting job for their career progression or specialize in technology consulting.


Accenture India describes corporate roles as the company’s ‘heart and soul’. Corporate jobs comprise different roles in CIO, finance, geographic services, human resources, information security, legal, and marketing and communications.


Digital professionals at Accenture India primarily seek to improve customers’ experiences. These efforts revolve around four key aspects: build, communicate, design, and run experiences.

Industry X

Freshers who join the global Industry X team will be responsible for finding breakthrough solutions by using modern technologies. Major responsibilities focus on Industry 4.0.


With Accenture’s Intelligent Operations Center, employees at this department work with ‘the most advanced machine intelligence to improve business processes and workflow. Freshers with a knack for creative thinking will easily thrive in this area.


Accenture India’s strategy professionals work with data scientists to deliver large-scale results for clients. The tech-driven strategies target positive changes on an entrepreneurial level or an industry-wide scope.


Fresher salaries at Accenture India can range between INR 151,702 and INR 533,862, with the average salary amounting to INR 390,000.

Tech jobs at the company tend to be the highest-paid roles for freshers. For instance, associate software engineers and software engineers earn a total of INR 450,000 and INR 650,000, respectively.


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