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What it Does: IBM (International Business Machines) specializes in producing and selling computer software, hardware, and middleware. They also specialize in the provision of consulting and hosting services in various areas such as mainframe computers and nanotechnology.

Mission: IBM's mission is to set the pace for the creation, design, and production of the most sophisticated information technologies in the industry.

Size and Presence: Being one of the largest technology companies in the world, it's no surprise that IBM employs over 345,000 people across its offices in 170 countries around the world.

Best Known For: IBM is best known for its software and hardware products as well as its data analytics and cloud computing services. They are also renowned for their significant role in technology research and advancement over the years. IBM is best known for popular inventions such as the hard disk drive, the floppy disk, and the UPC barcode.

The Good Bits: Numerous employee benefits. Career development opportunities in the form of training programs, internships, and apprenticeships. Good work-life balance. Job security.

The Not So Good Bits: Occasional pay raise.

The IBM Story

IBM's history can be traced to the merger of multiple companies that attempted the automation of day-to-day business transactions. In 1911, these companies unified to form Computing-Tabulating-Recording (CTR). In 1914, Thomas Watson became the General Manager of this newly formed company. A year later, he became the president.

In 1924, the company's name changed to International Business Machines, IBM for short. IBM soon expanded its product lines to include office machines, notably electric typewriters. Between the late 80s and the 90s, IBM struggled and incurred huge losses totalling several billion dollars. This period was when the computer industry experienced a shift from mainframe computers to personal computers. Unfortunately, IBM couldn't quickly adjust at the time.

Gradually, they got back on their feet and became one of the biggest computer technology brands in the world. They rank first as the U.S based company with the highest number of patents. Their employees have won numerous industry-based awards, notably medals of science.

Culture & Vibe

Like most leading organizations in their respective industries, IBM has a good and healthy work culture. They thrive on great individuals and good corporate policies. However, the culture is somewhat conservative because of IBM's complex management setup.

Despite the laid-back culture, IBM is filled with radical thinkers that have contributed to the growth and success of this company. IBM is the place for a fresh graduate who wants a healthy work atmosphere to learn and grow professionally.

Career Prospects

IBM offers numerous opportunities for interns and fresh graduates to take advantage of. There are internship programs, apprenticeships, and other training programs to participate in and establish yourself in a chosen career path.

Besides, you'll be working with some of the best minds in the computer technology industry. That's a great perk of working at IBM. Fresh graduates and interns at IBM can learn on the job from their more experienced colleagues.

Recruitment Process

Recruiting in IBM will take some stages, such as application for the desired job position, screening of applications, virtual assessments, physical interviews, and job offers.


The average annual salary for fresh graduates in IBM is 3,60,000 INR.


  • Remote working
  • Soft skill training
  • Job training
  • Health insurance
  • Free transportation
  • Cafeteria
  • Gymnasium
  • Team outings
  • Travel assistance
  • Education assistance
  • Free food
  • Childcare

Social Contributions

IBM is committed to preparing society for new collar careers and development via STEM training. IBM India will partner with universities that offer certain computer courses to train the next generation of tech staff. IBM India intends to equip Indian youths with the required skills to begin their chosen careers.

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IBM Accelerate: Talent Identification Program

IBM Accelerate: Talent Identification Program

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IBM Accelerate: Talent Identification Program

IBM Accelerate: Talent Identification Program

Are Internships Worth It? | What Can They Add To Your Learning?

Are Internships Worth It? | What Can They Add To Your Learning?