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What it Does: The Tata Group operates some of the largest companies in India and is involved in multiple industries such as information technology, power, steel, telecommunications, and tea.

Mission: Tata’s goal is to be a world leader in creating value through responsible business practices. They will do this by being a company that inspires and motivates each employee, customer, and stakeholder with their actions worldwide. By doing so, they will create value for all stakeholders.

Size and Presence: Tata has over 4,000 offices, factories, and stores across India. The company operates in over 80 countries and employs over 420,000 in India alone.

Best Known For: Tata is best known for its automobiles and IT solutions, but it also has an extensive portfolio of other products, including steel, power, energy, infrastructure, and financial services. 

The Good Bits: Tata has a good work environment. The company is fair and transparent. There are also opportunities for growth and development. The area where the company can improve is in providing better compensation packages to employees.

The Not So Good Bits: Many employees have complained about the lack of training offered by Tata companies and that most trainers are not qualified to teach them anything.

The Tata Story

Tata is India's largest industrial group and was founded by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in 1868. The company has interests in steel, chemicals, telecommunications, and information technology. Tata had its origins as a trading company but later diversified into manufacturing. It was responsible for the first steel mill established in India at Jamshedpur in 1911. 

In 1991, the company opened its first hotel in Mumbai - the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, which was the world's second-tallest building at the time (it has since been surpassed by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai). The Tata Group has a long history of philanthropy through its various trusts and foundations that support causes ranging from education to healthcare.

Culture and Vibe

Tata's company culture thrives on growth, innovation, and change. It encourages employees to submit ideas that can help improve company operations and also encourages employees to take up opportunities outside their verticals to help them develop new skillsets.

Recruitment Process

The first step in the recruitment process is to apply online for a job opening that interests you. You can apply for a job from any part of India, provided you meet the eligibility criteria for that particular job position. Candidates who have applied for different posts will be shortlisted based on their education qualification, experience, etc., which is mentioned in their resume/CV. Shortlisted candidates will be called for personal interviews with HR department representatives. The interview will decide whether a candidate will be selected.

Career Prospects

Tata offers career opportunities to people with different skills and expertise, including graduates, diploma holders, and experienced professionals. Tata offers various job opportunities at various levels, from Executive Trainee to Senior Management. The company also provides challenging assignments and training programmes at different career stages to help you grow professionally.


The salary range for Tata employees varies between INR 4,08,000 - 6,37,000. The lowest paid Tata employees are Senior Executive at INR 2,92,876, followed by Manager at INR 3,13,644 and Associate at INR 2,90,381. On the upside, the general manager can earn as much as 39,40,000 per annum.


  • Health allowances
  • Medical insurance
  • Gym charges reimbursement
  • Employee services center
  • Housing schemes for employees
  • Child education and marriage assistance
  • Gratuity benefits
  • Pension scheme

Social Contributions

The Tata Trusts are philanthropic trusts founded by the Tata family in India to improve living conditions in India's rural areas. Since its inception in 1932, The Tata Trusts have worked towards improving people's lives through education, healthcare, agriculture, and rural development initiatives.

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A day in the Life - Sharmila Selvarajan, Tata Communications

Make a Revelation: Sharmila Selvarajan, Tata Communications

Being inclusive at the workplace

Tata Group strives to create a friendly and inclusive workplace for its employees.

A day in the Life - Sharmila Selvarajan, Tata Communications

Make a Revelation: Sharmila Selvarajan, Tata Communications

Being inclusive at the workplace

Tata Group strives to create a friendly and inclusive workplace for its employees.