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Flipkart Private Limited

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

About Flipkart Private Limited

  • Retail, Sales & Consumer Goods
  • Technology

What it does: Flipkart’s e-commerce site provides a convenient alternative to traditional shopping.

Best known for Flipkart is the biggest e-commerce company in India with 150 million products in over 80 categories.

Staff stats: more than 30,000 employees

Financials: INR346.10 billion in revenue for the financial year 2020

The good bits: Flipkart observes a cool and relaxed workplace culture. Job applicants can even put on casual wear during the hiring process, which can be completed in just three days.

The not-so-good bits: Freshers could be stuck in their roles for three or four years before they could move up the corporate ladder.

The Flipkart story

Former Amazon employees Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal founded Flipkart in 2007 initially as an online platform to sell books. By 2013, the company had grown rapidly and sold 100,000 books in just a single day. Since then, Flipkart has achieved significant business numbers:

  • 100,000 sellers
  • 8 million shipments per month
  • 10 million daily page visits; and
  • 300 million registered users.

It was in 2018 when Flipkart achieved its biggest development so far. Walmart invested US$16 billion to acquire a controlling stake in the company. The U.S. retail giant’s company ownership has reached more than 80% in 2020.

The culture

Flipkart’s culture leans on the cool side of things as the company describes it. As an example, job applicants can even wear casual attire during the interview (per Flipkart’s website).

Flipsters, as the company calls them, mostly enjoy a workplace environment where women can break the so-called boys’ club in the technology sector. Most employees also experience a healthy work-life balance by working for 40 hours every week.

The competition

Amazon is Flipkart’s biggest competitor in India with a slim margin on market share between the two companies. For example, Flipkart captured a 31.9% market share in 2018 while Amazon trailed closely behind at 31.2%.


An estimated 400 employees of Flipkart’s logistics unit, eKart, protested in 2015 about poor working conditions (eg seven-day workweeks).

Social contributions

Flipkart Cares projects included relief efforts for victims of heavy flooding in Assam (2016) and Chennai (2015). Employees donated cash and more than 6,500 essential items.

The vibe of the place 

Flipkart seems to be a good choice for freshers who value an inclusive workplace and healthy work-life balance more than hastily moving up the ranks.

After all, freshers with exceptional skills should be unafraid of overcoming obstacles for achieving their coveted spot at the company

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process

Freshers might go through a technical screening after applying online for a job at Flipkart. Otherwise, candidates would attend an initial on-site interview.

Aside from company recruiters and hiring managers, there’s an independent hiring committee that decides if a candidate is a good fit. Be aware that multiple stages may occur between the first and final rounds.


  1. Exploratory discussion

  2. Technical phone screening

  3. Machine coding

  4. Problem-solving

  5. Low-level design

  6. High-level design

  7. Team fitment

  8. Culture fitment round

Data Scientist

  1. Exploratory discussion

  2. Technical phone screening

  3. Presentation round

  4. Hands-on skills

  5. In-depth data science

  6. In-depth mathematical modeling

  7. Team fitment

  8. Culture fitment

Product Design

  1. Exploratory discussion

  2. Technical phone screening

  3. Portfolio presentation

  4. Design thinking

  5. Domain understanding

  6. Team fitment

  7. Culture fitment

Software Development Engineer

  1. Exploratory discussion

  2. Phone screening/product thinking

  3. Machine coding

  4. Problem-solving and data structure

  5. Design

  6. Team fitment

  7. Culture fitment

UX Researcher

  1. Exploratory discussion

  2. Technical phone screening

  3. Research portfolio

  4. Presentation

  5. Research planning and scoping exercise

  6. Domain understanding 01

  7. Domain understanding 02

  8. Team fitment

  9. Culture fitment

The exploratory discussion usually happens as a conversation with the potential hiring manager over the phone or Google Hangouts. There may be times when it won’t be necessary, but freshers should still prepare for it.

They can also expect a quick hiring process, as insiders said that a job offer can be extended in as fast as three days

Remuneration & Career Growth

Career prospects

Flipkart provides freshers with four teams where they can choose a career path: data science, design, engineering, and product design.

New hires can move up the corporate ladder by having a higher number attached to their job titles (eg. Designer 1 to Designer 2). Other roles like software development engineers may simply become senior development engineers.

While this hierarchy among entry-level employees seems clear, some insiders describe the company’s guidelines as the opposite. Certain people may become stuck in their roles for three to four years, while others may find it difficult to transition at all.


Flipkart’s average salary is INR1 million owing to above-average pay to tech roles. For example, a Software Development Engineer 1 at the company can earn more than INR2 million per year.

  • Architect (INR5 million to INR8 million per year)
  • Data analyst (INR602,000 to INR607,000 per year)
  • UX designer (INR1.7 million)

As these numbers are estimates, a fresher’s actual salary will depend on their experience and skills. A clever ability to negotiate higher pay also affects their total compensation package. Performance bonuses and stock options are also some of the lucrative benefits for freshers.

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