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Cyient India

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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Trainee Apprentice - Telecommunication

Hyderabad, Warangal, Vizag
Join Cyient, a global engineering & technology solutions company, & expand your skills across the value chain.

Opportunity details

Opportunity Type
Graduate Job
INR 156,000 - 175,000 As specified in Job description

Minimum requirements

Accepting International Applications
Qualifications Accepted
Communications Engineering
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Geomatic Engineering
Mining Engineering
Engineering & Mathematics (all other)
Computer Science (all other)
Sciences (all other)

Hiring criteria

Entry Pathway

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Working rights


  • Indian Temporary Work Visa
  • Indian Citizen
  • Indian Permanent Resident
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About Cyient

Cyient is a global engineering and technology solutions company. They leverage digital technologies, advanced analytics capabilities, and their domain knowledge and technical expertise, to solve complex business problems.

Your role

What you will be trained on:

  • Concepts for working on different projects which include domains - Telecommunication, Utilities, Geospatial, Mining & Exploration, Navigation, etc.
  • Tools and applications- AutoCAD, ArcGIS, MicroStation, QGIS, Google Earth, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Understanding structural data such as Digital Geospatial Maps and Engineering Designs /Documents etc.
  • Understanding un-Structural data such as text, logs, spreadsheets information, PDFs, Images, etc.
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to geospatial maps and engineering designs analysis and interpretations.
  • Quickly Learn and adopt any CAD/GIS tools (AutoCAD, ArcGIS.QGIS, Smallworld PNI/EO/GDO and Client Applications, IP Tools, and MS-office).
  • Creates/ or Modifies or updates geospatial-based network and engineering designs and relevant data as per client guidelines.
  • Meet the client/ established project-specific production and quality performance.
  • Performs project-related work and additional duties as needed.

For the detailed job description, click on the "Apply on employer site" button.

Training, development & rotations

At Cyient, they support their people to develop and strengthen their unique talents. Here, you will have the freedom to pursue projects and career paths that align with your professional goals. Leveraging a combination of on-the-job learning and holistic training programs, they encourage their associates to upskill and grow their scope of work, creating superior value for themselves. They develop when you grow, and that has been one of their core tenets at Cyient.

Salary & benefits

Compensation details:

  • INR 1,75,000 per annum
  • First 6 months: INR 13,000 per month
  • Next 6 months: INR 14,000 per month
  • Bonus: INR 6,500 after completion of first 6 months, INR 6,500 after completion of 12 months

Productivity linked incentive

You will be eligible for a productivity-linked incentive (PLI) post-completion of training which has a maximum earning potential of INR 6,250 per quarter in addition to a monthly stipend. The PLI will be based on your performance. The company reserves the right to amend certain terms and conditions of PLI from time to time to cope with the changing business needs and environment which shall be communicated appropriately


Your performance shall be reviewed on completion of one year, the basis on which you could be considered for full-time employment with Cyient. The gross salary for full-time employment based on your role will vary from INR 2,50,000 - to INR 2,75,000 per annum. In addition to the compensation, you will also be eligible for PLI, allowances, and other benefits

Benefits include;

  • You are eligible for annual leaves as per the Cyient policy
  • You and your family are eligible for Employee State Insurance (ESI)
  • Subsidized office transportation

Career Progression

  • After gaining experience in the domain, tools, applications, and multiple projects, you would have the potential to lead a team or play a key role as a subject matter expert.
  • On upskilling/reskilling on technologies that CYIENT is working on, you will be able to apply for open opportunities through internal job postings.

Work-life balance

Life at Cyient is more than the work you do. It is the enrichment you bring to the community, the impact you have on your colleagues, and the difference you create in the world around you. They treat their employees well, manage a friendly environment, and reasonable work-life balance. Work days are usually from Monday to Friday. They have flexible work timings for most of the roles. Occasionally there may be a need for additional work on weekends based on project demand.

Culture & vibe

The culture at Cyient is one of openness, collaboration, and transparency. They encourage all employees to push personal and professional boundaries while working toward common goals. A diverse team of talented individuals worldwide makes Cyient a unique place to work. They are driven by the desire to solve problems, embrace change and be part of something bigger than themselves. It’s an organization that empowers them to grow professionally by providing them with the tools necessary for success.

About you

Educational Qualification

  • Any Engineering Diploma, B.E/ B.Tech, BSc / MSc graduates with no prior work experience.

How to apply

To apply for this role, just click on the "Apply on employer site" button below, which navigates to the career page where the application can be submitted directly.

Hiring criteria

You should have or be completing the following to apply for this opportunity.

Entry Pathway
Degree or Certificate
Minimum Level of Study
Diploma or higher
Study Field
Communications Engineering
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Geomatic Engineering
Mining Engineering
Engineering & Mathematics (all other)
Computer Science (all other)
Sciences (all other)

Work rights

The opportunity is available to applicants in any of the following categories.




Indian Temporary Work Visa

Indian Citizen

Indian Permanent Resident

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