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What it does: It allows society to build a strong link with each other, in all fields. It builds hardware and software and provides a helping hand in solving problems of the internet to make networking feasible for everybody at any place in this world. It serves people by providing them with technological assistance. It vends its assistance and products to broad trading businesses, helping authorities and customers either directly or through some agencies.  

Mission: Cisco’s mission is to use digital power to build a powerful world by making them able to connect.

Size and Presence: It has more than seventy-nine thousand employees working all over the world i.e., in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and north and south America.

Best known for: Cisco has marked its success globally and is best known for computer networking products.

The Good Bits: Cisco has a sustainable supply chain. It provides opportunities to disabled persons. It is environmental-friendly.

The Bad Bits: The administration team of the company is substandard. There is an abundance of managers in the company in comparison to their work. The training provided at the company is poor as it does not completely provide technical exposure to the trainees. 

The Cisco Story

Cisco was established on December 10, 1984, by Leonard Bosack and his wife Sandy Lerner. Both of them were employed by Stanford University. They introduced the system of local area network (LAN) to connect with remote areas through internet router devices. The industry entered the market in the year 1990. In 2000, its revenue was 224 million dollars which increased to 500 billion dollars which were more than the average revenue of Microsoft.

Since the company was founded, it is leading in terms of the engineering of networking. It’s headquartered in San Jose, CA, United States. It is considered among the biggest IT organizations and Fortune 100 ranked it and Cisco was at number 63. Currently, it is providing services in more than 80 countries, including India. 

Culture and Vibe

Cisco is very welcoming and homely. It has an inspirational environment that motivates its team to be themselves and not to behave like a robot. It encourages its employees to learn by giving them challenges. 

Recruitment Process

The hiring process has three basic steps. First, an applicant would take an online examination which helps the company to examine the candidate’s technical, quantitative, and coherent knowledge. After that, there would be technical interview rounds and then a final interview with HR would be arranged.
If any of the candidates could not get a job then Cisco gives them a chance to re-apply after 6 months. The applicants can easily seek the vacant positions through the website as well.

Career Prospects

Cisco is a great company to invest your efforts in as a member of its team. It relieves its employees so they can manage their personal and professional lives together. It is an opportunity for freshers to learn more about technology and networks.  


The company offers handsome salary packages to its workers. The salary for interns is 1.2 - 1.5 lakh per annum. The mean of the income, given to an employee per year, is 18.5 lakh (INR).


  • Education reimbursement for employees
  • One day holiday on the birthday of the employee
  • Provides an opportunity for employees to swap jobs for a while, learn something new, and fulfil other obligations. 
  • Healthcare and place to work out in selective offices
  • Health and life insurance
  • Five paid holidays per year
  • Pension
  • Remote work
  • Day out with the team
  • Daycare for children
  • Free conveyance
  • International transfers

Social Contributions

Cisco launched a tele MEDCARE for patients. It also works for the health of the earth. The company takes care of human rights. It uses minerals in its items like tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold. For this purpose, the company developed a policy called Responsible Minerals Policy.

Jobs & Opportunities

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  • Bangalore
Hiring candidates with qualifications in
Business & Management
Creative Arts
Engineering & Mathematics
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
IT & Computer Science
Law, Legal Studies & Justice
Property & Built Environment


Guide the Interview - Get the Job

Put your best foot forward, and ask the right question in your Interview. Click the link to learn more today.

Cisco PRIDE Global Events: APJC

Pride is much more than just a parade of celebration -Join Cisco Pride.

Guide the Interview - Get the Job

Put your best foot forward, and ask the right question in your Interview. Click the link to learn more today.

Cisco PRIDE Global Events: APJC

Pride is much more than just a parade of celebration -Join Cisco Pride.