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Aagnaa Software Labs

About Aagnaa Software Labs

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What it does: A tech start-up that develops technologies for the retail and fashion industry. This includes modern cognitive computing technologies such as machine learning, data mining, computer vision, augmented reality, virtual reality, and natural language understanding. 

Best known for: Aagnaa's innovations include the MagicME Smart Digital Mirror that allows customers to virtually 'try on' clothes on a computer screen, and MapME, which enables non-contact body measurements. Their roster of clients includes Van Heusen, Raymond, and Max Fashion. 

The Aagnaa Software Labs story

Aagnaa, an artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things tech startup company based in Singapore, develops transformative technologies for the retail and fashion industry. The company is partnered with Accenture, Intel, and Microsoft. Having realised the potential of data analytics in the fashion industry, the company uses modern cognitive computing technologies and vast amounts of fashion data to create revolutionary technologies including MagicME and MapME. 

MagicME is a virtual try-on smart mirror. When installed in retail stores or boutiques, customers can scan their body on a computer screen and use gesture controls to ‘try on’ clothes and accessories. On the screen, the garments wrap and move with the body, all without having to go into the fitting room. Customers who are still deciding whether to purchase a garment may take a photo of themselves wearing the outfit and send it via SMS with the item's product details. Once ready, the item may be purchased via an online e-commerce transaction. 

MapME is a technological innovation that conveniently measures your body to get the perfect fit. This allows retailers to create tailored garments that fit perfectly. As a wellness solution, the technology may be used with wearable devices and sensors to gather health information which may be passed unto doctors, emergency contacts or family members. The technology may also be applied in gyms and diagnostic centres and used by employers and hospitals. 

The company is headed by Ramesh V., an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in international sales and marketing. Aagna’s senior vice president is Manjunath Prasanna, who has 20 years of experience in product management, vendor management, sourcing, consumer electronics, sales & marketing in fast-moving consumer durables, e-commerce, retail, and IT products. 

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