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Government Jobs for Freshers in India

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Government Jobs Overview 

The government job market in India is extensive and quite dynamic. Every year the government sector hires approximately 100,000 people for both central and state governments.

Finding a Government Job as a Fresher

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While it is not one of the dominant sectors, Government & Public Service offers freshers the opportunity to gain experience and expertise. In fact, there are always at least 20 entities in the sector looking for employees. 

Given that the government job market is vast — there are many government agencies and those collaborating with them — you will need to roll up your sleeves. The most important thing to do is to research the market to identify the best opportunities thoroughly. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of the top employers.

Events & Networking 

Job fairs and events are an excellent opportunity to meet potential employers, build your contact list, and discover details about career paths that interest you. The National Career Service of the Ministry of Labor & Employment has a dedicated page for job fairs in India.


Most employers advise fresher job applicants in India to have a valid mobile number and personal email address. Although every employer has unique recruitment processes, they all have a few things in common:

  • Object test
  • Descriptive test
  • Written test
  • Skill test
  • Personal interview

To apply for a job opening in the government sector in India as a fresher, you will often need to submit an online application form via the employer’s careers portal. Pay close attention to job postings to learn about any specific application requirements.

Our primary goal here at Prosple is to deliver the most exciting opportunities in the Government and Public Service sector. Register to receive job alerts as soon as a new opportunity is added to our site. 

Jobs Opportunities Abroad

If you are looking for Government and Public Service job opportunities abroad, the following resources can help you out:

On the Job in the Government & Public Service Sector

The Government & Public Service sector is quite diverse. It encompasses various sub-sectors, including protective services, government servants, public school educators, and community helpers.

Common positions and job titles include:

  • Junior civil engineer
  • Scientific assistant
  • Medical officer
  • Trained graduate teacher

Example Roles & Tasks 

Let’s quickly go through some career paths and what they entail:

Role: Immigration and Customs Inspectors

Tasks: Examine passports, visas, and immigration applications, determine eligibility for travel, residence, or admission.

Role: High School Teacher

Tasks: Use various teaching methods to instruct students both individually and in groups, maintain order among students via establishing rules of behavior.

Role: Junior Civil Engineer

Tasks: Take charge of projects aiming to improve and protect the environment. Plan, design, and manage the construction of vital civil structures such as roads, railways, and buildings.

Pay Expectations

Government and Public Service salaries depend on various factors - the employer, work hours, location, and average salary in the sub-sector. In India, the national average salary for Freshers in the Government sector is ₹18,000.

Working Hours 

Government and Public Service sector agencies provide their services six days a week, with Sunday being a holiday. Usual working hours are from 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM.


The Government and Private Service sector offers a variety of job positions to students majoring in different subjects. With portals such as Prosple, students in India can find opportunities in the market and get their dream job in the Government sector.